hygiene concept COVID 19 | Hotel Rio


• Hourly, documented disinfection of all contact surfaces and publicly accessible work surfaces (e.g. reception counters, elevator buttons, telecash terminals, luggage trolleys, handles …)
• Dispensers with disinfectants are available throughout the hotel area, at the entrance and reception.
• The following applies to all lifts: max. 2 persons
• Guests are asked to refrain from using public toilets and to use the bathroom in their own guest room.
The public toilets are disinfected several times a day. Disinfectant dispensers are available at the washbasins



• Every employee has a fixed job / work area in every shift – there is no brisk change of location!
• Every employee with potential guest contact (service, reception, floor, caretaker …) wears a mouth-to-nose covering
• The hands must be disinfected before starting duty, after every (smoking) break, after every toilet visit and otherwise at regular intervals
• Desks, PC keyboards and PC mice, as well as telephones that are used by several employees, are disinfected for the colleague who works afterwards
• All other desks and workplaces are disinfected daily
• All employees must always disinfect their hands after receiving any goods or parcels
• External persons and guests have no access to the offices, all discussions are without exception held at a safe distance in the lobby.
• Impact ventilation is carried out regularly in all areas

Organization of hotel / room area
• Each guest receives only disinfected room keys
• Disinfected pens are available to all guests at the reception at all times
• The working areas at the reception are separated from the guest area by plexiglass windows
• If possible, invoices are sent to guests by email
• The Telecash terminals are properly disinfected after each use
• Cash is deposited contactlessly through the hatch of the plexiglass panes at the reception and thus handed over.
• The occupancy of the guest rooms is spread over several floors to minimize contacts
• Signs on hygiene rules at elevators, at the entrance, at the entrance to the underground car park and at the reception
• Luggage service to the room temporarily only in necessary cases, after which hands must be disinfected immediately

Organization in restaurant areas

• Hotel employees in restaurant areas only work with mouth-nose covers.
• The service personnel regularly disinfect their hands or wear gloves
• Guests are placed at the tables assigned to them at a minimum distance of 1.5 meters
• Guests get mouth-to-nose covers when getting up and crossing the restaurant, which you can take off at the table
• Only disposable napkins are used and table linen is dispensed with
• Cruet sticks, sugar and table rubbish bins are thoroughly disinfected after changing guests
• The contact surfaces of tables and chairs in the restaurant and bar are disinfected after each visit.
• Dishes, glasses & cutlery are only washed in cleaning machines with a water temperature of at least 80 ° C.
• Coffee machines must be disinfected once an hour on the surfaces and cleaned after each shift. The service employee disinfects his hands before using the coffee machine
• Trays are only used by one waiter at a time and disinfected after the end of the shift
• Seating that is located directly at the bar is not occupied to keep the safety distance

Internal work organization in the kitchen area
• Each post is staffed by only one employee
• The kitchen works in fixed teams in different shifts
• Employees take breaks separately
• Before starting work, remove all hand jewelry to be able to hygienically clean your hands. Ensure increased hand hygiene during the entire shift, especially after breaks.
• Hand disinfection is mandatory after each receipt of goods